Tips for traveling alone

If you want to travel independently in Asia or another place on the planet and those around you look like a weirdo, do not give up. Traveling alone has its drawbacks but, without a doubt, will give you an incredible sense of freedom that you would never get in company.

A trip as a couple or with friends usually focuses on the journey in a journey of adventure where the protagonist is not the place and its people in itself but rather the evolution of that relationship during the period traveled and shared experiences.

Everything Depends On The Open

Of course, in a certain way, everything depends on the open and curious character of the person, but a 24-hour relationship in company makes the traveling selfishness dependent on the needs of your partner. That may work wonders and other times not.

On the other hand, when you go alone you are with the senses on alert, you try to find information under the stones and you get to make many more friendships than traveling in company.

I have made a few trips alone

I have made a few trips alone with my backpack and usually get better memories of the place than other places where I traveled in company. You go deeper into the place and the people you know, remember almost all the towns and places where you lived, you create bonds of friendship with other travelers much stronger than traveling accompanied.

Friends Or As A Couple

Between friends or as a couple you tend to draw a certain plan and it is more difficult to let the improvisation take over your guide route. Traveling alone you will see how the days go by and the road map is forgotten in a hostel and you dedicate yourself to changing the course as you wish and time allows.

If you travel through Southeast Asia you have it even easier. Tourism is firmly rooted in the region and it is tremendously easy to inform yourself and travel around your countries. You will find a lot of young people in your same situation and it will not cost you anything to make new friends with whom to share untethered experiences and learn English

Being yourself, the guide, the map, the desire and the tempo is a precious gift that brings a security and a plenitude out of the ordinary. I recommend an experience like this to anyone who has doubts about embarking on a solo trip and ends up not doing it because of the known fears that Javi comments.

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